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Dog Training, Dog Behavior & More! I once read that dogs are like children that stop growing at 4 years old. From many years with them, I absolutely can see where this is a correlation. Like children, they are thrilled to be with you, look to you for support and guidance, and return nothing but love. They are also full of curiosity, need guidance, and a strong hand to be well balanced and fulfilled as dogs. That's where I come in. Through trusted pet training techniques, I will help you and your dog understand the dynamic relationship and expectations you both have for your household. Rules are imperative and dogs are happiest when they know what is expected of them. I will teach you how to better communicate and train your dog how you wish him to behave as a member of your family. Whether that is dog behavior modification or basic obedience pet training, that is up to you and your circumstance. Let me show you how we can help!
Looking for Advanced Training to be a Professional Dog Trainer? Please look at the excellent program from our trusted partner, Rokku Academy.
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The FUN of Training
Training should be fun for you AND your dog. If not, learning is not happening and you likely won’t stick with it. Look at this Dogzilla game. This reinforces “touch”, your dog understanding general directions, and continues to build the bond between you too. See How Missy Does It! To find out more Visit our Classes page for more info on our class offerings
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Pack Leader Behavior Now offers AKC STAR Puppy Program and testing to all dogs enrolling in Open Enrollment or Basic Obedience Classes and are under 1 year of age. Get your dog’s first medal! See our latest Certificants